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Video // Explore The Yukon Wildlife Preserve With Me

Yukon Wildlife Preserve deer

I just recently realized that I never shared this little adventure video with you lovely people. So, here you go!

Last winter I decided to do a little vlog while at the Yukon Wildlife Preserve. The preserve rescues animals and either rehabilitates them or keeps them at the preserve to live out their lives.

There are most of the major mammal species in the Yukon present at the preserve including, bison, elk, moose, fox, sheep, goats, etc… (although no bears).

It’s a 5km loop around the park that you can either walk or take a bus tour through (I always walk). And a great little shop where you can buy a souvenir if you want to! It is open most days in the summer months, and only on weekends in the winter, so make sure to check their website before heading to the Preserve to see if they’re open.

Also, make sure to dress warmly in the winter. 5km at -20 celsius can get cold real fast, especially if there’s wind. I got frost bite on my legs during this trip around and realized just how far it is to get back into a warm building when you’re on the opposite side of the preserve.

So, enough chit chat, check out the video below and I hope you enjoy it. 🙂


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