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Photo Diary: Ice Fishing in Yukon, Canada

wearing sorel boots while ice fishing in Yukon Canada

I made a decision when I moved back to the Yukon after graduating from uni. That decision was to try and keep winters exciting. Living in a place where there’s snow on the ground for 7-8 months a year can get pretty brutal if you don’t have any winter hobbies to keep you entertained. But I will say, before a few months ago, ice fishing in Yukon wasn’t top on my list…

Many winters for me were cold, dark, shiver-filled times.

But NOT Anymore!

So, I’ve decided to try out ice fishing, and you guys, it’s actually pretty entertaining (even if you don’t fish and just sit there eating snacks like me)…

You can check out all the photos I look on my little Yukon ice fishing adventure below.

Ice Fishing Shack in Yukon from my ice fishing adventure

The cold winter air isn’t too bad when you get to look out at this…

Ice Fishing Shack in Yukon Canada on Little Atlin Lake

Our spot on Little Atlin Lake.

Ice Fishing shack with the pike we caught

We caught a pike! In the first 5 minutes of fishing…. And didn’t catch another thing for the next 4 hours…

walking on little Atlin lake with white mountain in the background

Why help carry the gear when you can take photos of others carrying the gear. Right? Also, check out White Mountain. Could a mountain get anymore perfect? I think not. You can check out my post about hiking up this bad boy here.

watching the sunset after ice fishing in Yukon

Admiring the sunset after our big day of fishing in Yukon, Canada! The Dream!

cutting up fresh caught pike to cook

Chef Nathan showing everyone his fish filet skillzzzz. 

seasoning fresh pike with salt and pepper

Don’t forget the seasoning 🙂 

putting freshly caught pike into homemade batter

I’m pretty sure it’s a law of the Yukon that you can’t eat pike without dipping it in batter first. Message me if I’m wrong… But I don’t think I’m wrong. 

frying the battered pike we caught today

By this point I was starving and was drooling all over the fish while taking photos. Would not recommend attempting to photograph a foodie post whilst going into starvation mode.

freshly caught pike from Yukon, Canada

And voila! The final product. Served with homemade tartar sauce to dip it in. 

So what do you all think? Does ice fishing look like a worthwhile weekend activity?

I know for me, if feels so great to spend the day with family or friends outside breathing in that fresh Yukon mountain air.

Just remember that wherever you fish, make sure you have your fishing license and that you know the rules and regulations regarding the fish in that area! The last thing you want is to get a ticket while enjoying your fun day out on the lake.

My Camera Gear: 

Olympus E-PL8 with 14-42mm lens

Olympus 45mm F1.8 Lens

Olympus 40-150mm F4.0-5.6 Zoom Lens

GoPro HERO6 Black

Manfrotto Compact Tripod

Universal Adjustable Tripod

Would you ever go ice fishing in Yukon, Canada? If so (or not), let me know in the comments below! 

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Sorel boots while ice fishing in yukon canada

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