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Hike With Me: Sheep Mountain, Yukon

Alright, I’m just going to say it so nobody has any unrealistic ideas about this hike or my physical abilities.

Sheep Mountain kicked my butt. Like really kicked my butt.

But you know what? I ain’t even mad! Because I learned some really important things about myself on this hike. Especially when I was trying to breathe and keep an even pace during the steepest section of hiking I’ve ever done. But more on that later…

Kluane National park

Sheep Mountain:

Nestled in the heart of Kluane National Park, Sheep Mountain has been calling to tourists and locals alike for as long as I can remember. Aptly named, many people take the 45 minute drive out of Haines Junction to visit this mountain, and spot the many sheep perched on its faces.

The Hike:

For those who are up for a more difficult hike (or anyone who is a little crazy), Sheep Mountain offers an amazing hike that takes you up, up, and up! The top gives you views of Mount Wallace and more hidden peaks of Kluane National Park.

The first section of the hike takes you along the Old Alaska Highway, away from the road and up to the base of the mountain.

Then after a short section through the trees, the real “fun” begins.

This hike gets steep real fast. And stays steep for the majority of the hike. We made sure to take breaks often and even stopped halfway up for a full lunch. Wild sheep roast sandwiches, perfect for Sheep Mountain (hot chocolate included)!

We also took several breaks to stop and admire the furry friends climbing the mountain with us. We were lucky enough to see a couple rams, ewes, and some year-old little sheepies. It was adorable and something I had never experienced before.

Sheep Mountain Sandwich

What I Learned:

This was definitely the toughest hike I’ve ever done. And my willpower did faulter when we were nearing the top.

Although I didn’t ever think about quitting, I did just wish this hike was oveeerrrr. Your own mind and the limits you put on yourself are the biggest things holding you back. But I learned that I was strong enough to do this hike! And the only thing that was keeping me from having a great time was my own brain!

Mount Wallace Hike

Now that everything is said and done, this was a great hike. It really showed me my limits and made me push through them. I now know just how strong I really am, both physically and mentally, and have the confidence to push through any hike now!

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 Yukon Hiking- Sheep Mountain

Now over to you. Have you ever done an activity that pushed you not only physically, but mentally too? If so, tell me about it in the comments!

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