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Camping On The South Canol, Yukon

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It’s always exciting getting to discover somewhere new. And this past year, I’ve been doing a lot of that. But it’s not everyday you get to explore an area of your home that you’ve never been to before. That is what I got to do when I went camping down the South Canol Road in Yukon Territory a few weeks ago.

If you want to know a little more on camping in the Yukon, then read on!

South Canol Road, Yukon

To be honest, I had never even heard of the South Canol until recently. This section of road comes off of the Alaska Highway and is easy to miss, as there’s no sign! (I would have driven right past it). The South Canol, which stretches for almost 500km along a winding, dirt road through the mountains connects the Alaska Highway to the Robert Cambell Highway. If you’re planning on heading down this road, make sure to have a full tank, becasue there’s no services along the entire stretch.

I have heard that during hunting season, this road is extremely busy, but the rest of the year, it feels very remote. We were on the road for two whole days and drove past about four other vehicles. Make sure your car is up for the task and that you have a satellite phone while out there. If you get a flat with no way of contacting anyone, you may be wandering down the road for a while.

South Canol Road, Yukon

Camping on the South Canol Road, Yukon

South Canol Road, Yukon

On our drive to find a campsite, we admired all the sights the road had to offer. This included gorgeous mountain views, sheep, caribou, and A LOT of bear scat. Like, at least 50 piles of it along the road. Not going to lie, it was slightly worrying. Didn’t want to meet up with any of those bears while I was outside the car.

We found the perfect spot along a side road to set up our tent, start a fire to cook up dinner, and read our books.

I can honestly say, there’s nothing better than food cooked over a campfire.

Camping in the Yukon: South Canol Road

After an amazing sleep (I always sleep so well in tents? Do you guys?), we packed up our camp and decided to go on a “little” hike up the hill behind out site.

Yeah… It wasn’t so little.

This hike ended up being an hour long climb through 5 foot tall willows. By the top I was literally scrambling and falling over the brush it was so thick. My Lululemon pants were shredded and my hands were covered in sap. But the view was definitely worth it.

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South Canol Road, Yukon

South Canol Road, Yukon

The top opened up to show mountains from every angle. It truly was a breathtaking moment, getting over the top rise and having the landscape open up in front of you. We stopped for a while, admired the view, ate some snacks, and made our way back down through the brush.

The South Canol Road is a huge loop that takes around 10 hours to complete. After our hike, we hopped in the truck and started the long route the rest of the way around.

This was my first time truly camping in the Yukon. No campsites and nobody around for miles. Just you in the outdoors. And I loved it. I would highly recommend getting out there and setting up a tent in a beautiful location for the night. It grounds you and connects you to the planet like nothing else.

If you are planning on doing this, just make sure you bring a satellite phone and bear spray (at least). We were lucky to not see a bear on our adventure, but if we had, we were as prepared as we could be to deal with the situation.

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Camping on South Canol, Yukon

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    July 20, 2017 at 12:29 pm

    Beautiful photos! Would love to explore this part of Canada. I agree about the bears though… wouldn’t want to meet any of those!

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      July 20, 2017 at 4:52 pm

      Thank you!! And yes I was very thankful to not see any! 🙂

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