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Why Amazon Kindles Are The Ultimate Travel Accessory

Amazon Kindle is great for travel

Anyone who knows me will know that I’m a huge book nerd. I’m the kind of person who will be reading constantly if I have a good book. And that is even more-so while I’m travelling. There’s nothing better than hopping on a plane or train and digging into a new story. Or what about when you get to your hotel after a long day exploring? Reading is by far the most relaxing way to end your day. The only problem with my love of reading while travelling is that carrying around books in your luggage can really weigh you down. For this reason, (and because I already own WAY too many books) I decided to buy myself an Amazon Kindle.

This was either a really great idea, or a terrible idea (because now reading anywhere and everywhere is too easy). Although I have a lot of gadgets, and most of them come travelling with me, I can honestly say that my Kindle ranks #1 in how AWESOME it is to travel with. Here are a few reasons why…

They’re Portable:

Kindle’s are smaller than your average book, and as thin as an iphone. This means you can pack it everywhere you go. It fits perfectly in my purse for anytime I’m stuck for a bit waiting around and want to read. You will effortlessly be able to store it in your carry on bag and pull it out during a long flight, or road trip and I think that is by far the top reason the Amazon Kindle is so popular.

Amazon Kindle

The Battery Lasts Forever:

I read a lot (as I’ve mentioned quite a bit in the post, sorry!), and I rarely have to charge my Kindle up. The battery lasts over a week which makes it perfect for bringing on camping trips where there will be no electricity for a few days.

Just make sure you’re turning it off after use and that the power button isn’t being pressed while it’s away. I noticed a few times that I was accidentally turning it on while it was in my bag. Completely wasting that precious battery life!

One way to avoid this issue is to get a case for your Kindle. Here are a few I love!


They Don’t Hurt Your Eyes Like Normal Screens:

The Amazon Kindle was made with its users in mind. They use a special E Ink technology that is like reading pages from a real book, instead of an LCD screen like your phone or computer. I love this because it’s less ouchie on the eyes, but there are a few other bonuses too.

This technology lets you read in the sun without any glare or difficulty. It also uses way less power to run so the battery lasts. Also, my Kindle has a light built into it, so you can even read in the dark without using a flashlight or a bright LCD screen.

You Can Get Any Type Of Book On The Kindle Store:

You can find virtually any book ever in the Kindle store, plus Ebooks and guides that haven’t actually been published in paper form. This means that you can read all your favourite books along with ebooks and city guides written by your favourite bloggers, all in the same place!

I have several classics in my Kindle library including books by Jane Austin and F. Scott Fitzgerald, along with the Harry Potter series and (my all time favourite book), The Name of The Wind by Patrick Rothfuss. I also have several Ebook downloads that aren’t available in paper copy including Manifesting 101 and Broke Backpacker: Europe on $30 a Day. You truly can find just about anything.

Also, a great tip for frequent travellers, you can get all the Lonely Planet city guides on the Kindle as well. This allows you to be prepared on all your trips, without having to lug around a bunch of different guide books!

Amazon Kindle

You Can Buy New Books Anywhere:

Finally, a great feature of the Kindle is that you can download a new book pretty much anywhere. There are a few versions of the Kindle that have their own 3G, but most just connect to WiFi. A few times, I’ve even hooked mine up to my iphone’s personal hotspot so I can get a new book on the go.

This is handy, especially for those who travel, because you never know when you’ll be finishing your book and in need of a new one. With the Kindle, all you need is some internet and you have millions of new reads at your fingertips!

Want to buy a kindle? Check them out here. And if you already have one, why not read on to see some of my favourites books below!

Here are a few books I love that can be downloaded on a Kindle or read on the Kindle App on a smart phone or tablet. All different genres for all types of readers. Enjoy!


Also, just throwing it out there. The Harry Potter series (along with many others) are free to download on the Kindle. So if you were planning on rereading them, might as well get a Kindle and read them all on your next trip. 

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Amazon Kindle is great for travel

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    Courtney Minor
    September 26, 2017 at 6:26 am

    I’ve really been meaning to get a Kindle for years but I always put it off as an unnecessary expense. And yet, I buy more books! I think I’m finally gonna just buy one for myself this Christmas. Will be so useful while traveling.

  • Reply
    October 15, 2017 at 1:19 pm

    I’m not much of a reader, which is why I got a Kindle and it’s helped!
    Though I prefer the traditional book, having the Kindle app on my phone is much more convenient and has made me want to read more.

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